WordPress Social Stream


WordPress Social Stream will combine all of your social network feeds into one single network stream or create a single feed for multiple social network profiles. Display using a filterable jQuery isotope powered Social Network Wall or a rotating feed list!

Can combine unlimited social feeds and create unlimited number of social streams.

Feed items also include Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn share links to make your social network streams more interactive, help promote your social network posts and boost your traffic!

Looking for a non-WordPress version? See jQuery Social Stream Plugin

Includes 15 social networks & 60 feed options:

  • Twitter – Latest Tweets, Twitter Lists & Search (last 7 days) Plus Display Twitter Images
  • Facebook – Public Facebook Page, Albums & Group Feeds
  • Google +1 – +1 Latest Posts
  • Instagram – User Feed
  • RSS Feed – Latest Posts
  • Delicious – Latest Likes
  • Stumbleupon – Favorites or Reviews
  • Pinterest – Latest Pins
  • Dribbble – Latest Shots or Likes
  • Youtube – Channel/username feeds, Playlists or Search feeds
  • Vimeo – User Likes, Videos, Appeared In, Albums, Channels or Groups
  • Flickr – Latest User Uploads & Group Feeds
  • Tumblr – Latest Posts (photo, video, regular, quote, audio, conversation & links)

3 Social Stream Wall Layout Styles

Modern Light – View Demo

Full Wall

Modern Dark – View Demo

Full Wall

Classic – View Demo

Full Wall

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  • Display using rotating feed list or a fully responsive, filterable Social Network Wall
  • 3 different wall layout styles – classic, modern light & modern dark
  • Create a stream based on total number of days or fixed number of items per network – note some social networks may limit the total number of results per feed.
  • Option to display wall randomly
  • Can handle multiple users per network.
  • Can handle multiple feeds per network.
  • Rotating list with infinite loop – set direction & speed – both auto and manual.
  • Option to add in user controls for feed slider.
  • Option to add social network filter for user to disable/enable individual networks.
  • Set each feed item output content and layout.
  • Set network wall feed item widths based on % or fixed width.
  • Quickly & easily customise social network colors via color pickers in plugin admin page.
  • Stream posts include twitter, facebook, google + & linkedin share links
  • Retweet, reply & favorite links for Twitter posts
  • Option to disable Twitter retweets & replies.
  • Option to display comments Facebook page gallery feeds.
  • Option to display profile avatar in twitter feed
  • Includes feature to remove specific posts (except Twitter) from social streams
  • Inline video player for Tumblr video posts
  • Save unlimited social stream profiles in plugin admin
  • Full documentation.

WordPress Social Stream Live Demos

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v1.6.2 17/07/2017 (Current Version)

  • Updated: Facebook post link if no image
  • Updated: Facebook limit
  • Updated: Facebook API v2.8
  • Updated: Facebook https images

v1.6.1 6/04/2017

  • Updated: Twitter images
  • Updated: Remove comments if using posts feed
  • Updated: Bug fix with facebook hashtag links
  • Updated: Bug fix with filter icons on rotating feed
  • Updated: Facebook group link
  • Updated: dcwp_rss.php file
  • Updated: Bug with twitter api credentials

v1.6 26/08/2016

  • Added: New modern wall layout styles
  • Added: Replace image icons with socicon font
  • Added: Use facebook attachment if available
  • Updated: Able to use encoded text for intro

v1.5.18.1 25/06/2016

  • Updated: Remove PHP notices from RSS file
  • Updated: RSS text format
  • Updated: jQuery isotope v3 – ncompatible with latest Avada theme

v1.5.18 22/06/2016

  • Added: Facebook album feeds
  • Added: Option to change times

v1.5.17 27/05/2016

  • Updated: Dribbble API
  • Updated: Facebook images from links

v1.5.16 19/05/2016

  • Updated: RSS feed images
  • Updated: Instagram API
  • Updated: Twitter date for Microsoft Edge
  • Updated: Code for admin options

v1.5.15 2/12/2015

  • Updated: Pinterest feeds
  • Updated: RSS feeds

v1.5.14 12/09/2015

  • Added: Remove private videos in youtube playlists
  • Added: line-breaks for facebook post text
  • Added: Crosscheck for dates
  • Updated: linkify function for facebook hashtags
  • Updated: facebook graph api for page link
  • Updated: limit for facebook posts
  • Updated: share link text for youtube posts
  • Updated: Pinterest board feed URL
  • Updated: Facebook image URL

v1.5.13 22/06/2015

  • Added: Youtube playlists
  • Updated: Include facebook status updates
  • Updated: Text for facebook post share links
  • Updated: Facebook user link
  • Updated: URL of instagram image

v1.5.12 28/05/2015

  • Updated: links for facebook text
  • Added: Option to select facebook page posts

v1.5.11.1 08/05/2015

  • Updated: Facebook event link
  • Updated: Facebook video thumbnails
  • Updated: Check for file_get_contents function for facebook API

v1.5.11 04/05/2015

  • Updated: Facebook Graph API v2.3
  • Added: RSS feed title to link

v1.5.10 26/04/2015

  • Added: Option to center wall feed items
  • Added: Description to facebook album posts
  • Updated: Youtube API v3
  • Updated: Remove encoding on instagram search term
  • Updated: remove option for twitter
  • Updated: Add description to facebook feed
  • Updated: Instagram icon link to user profile
  • Updated: decode remove urls
  • Updated: Share links open in new window
  • Updated: Facebook events links
  • Updated: remove encoding on twitter search term

v1.5.9.3 25/04/2015

  • Updated: Fixed bug to remove duplicate facebook posts

v1.5.9.2 22/04/2015

  • Updated: Added description text to facebook posts
  • Updated: Added facebook url to events links
  • Updated: Filter youtube support video

v1.5.9.1 11/02/2015

  • Updated: Remove strict standards warnings
  • Updated: Facebook page posts without images

v1.5.9 3/02/2015

  • Added: Reset layout after loading facebook/twitter images

v1.5.8 1/02/2015

  • Updated: Facebook page feeds using the facebook graph api

v1.5.7 24/11/2014

  • Added: Larger images for facebook posts
  • Added: Automatically remove empty facebook event posts
  • Updated: Reset image layout on page load
  • Updated: url parameters for twitter authentication

v1.5.6 10/11/2014

  • Updated: fix bug with youtube user feed
  • Updated: add transition speed to wall animation

v1.5.5 09/11/2014

  • Updated: jquery.social.stream.1.5.5.js
  • Updated: jquery.social.stream.wall.1.4.js – includes jQuery isotope v2
  • Updated: Fixed width css affects only wall items
  • Updated: all link height

v 1.5.4 08/08/2013

  • Added: Option to remove specific posts from streams
  • Updated: jquery.social.stream.1.5.4.js
  • Updated: Remove PHP notices

v 1.5.3 03/08/2013

  • Updated: jquery.social.stream.1.5.3.js – WordPress 3.6 compatible

v1.5.2 08/05/2013

  • Updated: URL for facebook album API

v1.5.1 12.03.2013

  • Updated: jquery.social.stream.1.5.min.js
  • Updated: https for google feed API
  • Updated: delicious post link
  • Updated: clean facebook links

v1.5 27.02.2013

  • Added: Share feed items via google +
  • Added: Share feed items via linkedIn
  • Added: Set fixed widths via admin page
  • Added: Option to change Youtube image size
  • Added: Flickr title
  • Updated: Twitter API v 1.1
  • Updated: jQuery Social Stream v1.5
  • Updated: Change limit value when max = days

v1.4.3.1 18.11.2012

  • Updated: Added check for Instagram caption text
  • Updated: Add max limit of 100 to google + feeds
  • Fixed: Facebook album date in Safari

v1.4.3 16/11/2012

  • Added: Show feeds from pinterest boards
  • Added: Show feeds from facebook galleries including latest comments
  • Added: Show feeds from youtube playlists
  • Added: share feed items via facebook
  • Added: share feed items via twitter
  • Added: Retweet link on twitter posts
  • Added: Reply link on twitter posts
  • Added: Favorite link on twitter posts
  • Added: Option to show twitter images
  • Added: Option to show twitter retweets & replies
  • Updated: No access token required for Instagram tag searches
  • Updated: Add count parameter to Instagram URL
  • Updated: Change item selector for isotope
  • Updated: Facebook relative links
  • Updated: Added check for Instagram caption text
  • Updated: Add max limit of 50 to youtube feeds
  • Updated: Add max limit of 100 to google + feeds
  • Fixed: Allow same rotating feed and social wall ID on same page

v1.4.2 23/10/2012

  • Added: Check for theme/other plugin reloading jquery in shortcode
  • Added: Height option for rotating feed in shortcode
  • Updated: Change plugin path to use plugins_url()

v1.4.1 01/09/2012

  • Fixed: Rotating feed date order in Safari & Chrome
  • Fixed: Facebook user link for rotating feed

v1.4 24/08/2012

  • Added: Instagram network with 6 feed options – search, tags, user, location, show likes & show comments

v1.3.1 16/08/2012

  • Added: Flickr groups
  • Added: User name option for facebook
  • Updated: Twitter display date for Safari
  • Updated: Time since function
  • Updated: Trim user IDs & intro text
  • Updated: Facebook icon link for wall feed items
  • Updated: Facebook feed content link URLs
  • Fixed: Rotating feed filter when displayed with network wall

v1.3 04/06/2012

  • Added: Show feed from twitter lists & searches
  • Added: Show feed from youtube searches
  • Added: Option to show random order
  • Added: Option to show twitter profile avatar in feed item
  • Updated: Facebook & RSS feeds – option to show complete post text
  • Updated: Feed URL for last.fm loved tracks
  • Fixed: Facebook profile link

1.2 25/4/2012

  • Added: Tumblr social network feed
  • Updated: facebook feed
  • Updated: RSS feed


  • Updated: Facebook feed




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