WooCommerce Products Visibility | Hide Products, Categories and Tags by User Role

Hide or show your WooCommerce products separately for each user role

With WooCommerce Products Visibility plugin you can decide which products will be visible site-wide for each user role.

Bear in mind that WooCommerce Products Visibility is the ONLY plugin that offers you combined visibility rules. That means that you can hide products, categories and tags both at the same time for a particular role.

It is also the ONLY plugin that hides the selected products, categories and tags from your whole website, eg. from the menus, the widgets and even from the theme you use, as long as the theme is using standard WordPress filters.

And with the new updated version 2.0, it also supports multiple user roles.

Typical scenarios

  • Hide or show products for non-logged in users.
  • Hide or show products for logged-in users.
  • Hide or show products for wholesale customers.
  • Or just use your imagination, set your own user roles, and decide which products will be visible to each role.


Easily accessible in one place for different user roles

User Role Rules: choose product, tag and / or category

Quick View which user roles have visibility rules at a glance

Toggle user role visibility to avoid clutter

Easily select products, tags or catecories through the dropdown or by searching

Multiple Roles per User Compatibility

Do you have more than one roles for a user? No problem. The plugin is compatible with multiple user roles.

Reset button

Easily reset all your rules with the click of one button.

WPML Ready for multilingual sites

All your translated products will follow the rules that you set.

Example 1: Hide all products that have a specific category

Example 2: Show only products that have a specific tag

Example 3: Hide all products that have a specific category but exclude some

Or set your own complex rules!

Demo live preview


Take a look at our extensive online documentation.

Support & development

We provide fast and reliable support to our customers. You can count on us for after sale support and continued development of the plugin.

What customers say about WooCommerce Products Visibility


= 13.06.2018 version 2.10
* Fix - YOAST SEO plugin sitemap exclude hidden products

= 06.06.2018 version 2.9
* Fix - Apply change count for categories only if get_terms does not include products
* Fix - If Show products through direct URL is enable, do not remove hidden products from cart

= 17.05.2018 version 2.8
* Fix - Compatibility fix with WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter plugin (ajax function)

= 20.02.2018 version 2.7
* Add - Multiple user role wcpv_mur_intersect_include filter

= 20.02.2018 version 2.6
* Add - General helper filters

= 02.02.2018 version 2.5
* Add - Helper filter for multi-category products

= 02.09.2017 version 2.4
* Add - Show products through direct URL option

= 14.05.2017 version 2.3 =
* Fix - Relevanssi search plugin compatibility fix
* Fix - Live ajax search fix

= 20.04.2017 version 2.2 =
* Fix - Performance optimization

= 05.04.2017 version 2.1 =
* Add - Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0

= 01.03.2017 version 2.0 =
* Add - Multiple user roles per user compatibility
* Add - Default logged user role added for bulk actions
* Add - Hide hidden products from cart
* Add - Reset all rules button
* Fix - Performance optimization
* Language - Fix Russian and Ukrainian translations

= 24.01.2017 version 1.4 =
* Fix - Do not hide irrelevant products from menus and widgets
* Fix - Performance optimization

= 13.01.2017 version 1.3 =
* Add - Hide hidden products from menus
* Fix - Do not hide post categories

= 12.01.2017 version 1.2 =
* Add - Hide hidden categories and tags from menus
* Add - Hide hidden categories from WooCommerce Product Categories widget
* Add - Fix categories counting in WooCommerce Product Categories widget
* Add - Hide hidden tags from Product Tags widget
* Language - Plugin localization
* Language - Add Russian and Ukrainian translations

= 29.12.2016 version 1.1 =  
* Fix - WPML problem with categories and tags

= 07.11.2016 version 1.0 =  
* Initial release


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