Traffic BOT faster with referrers

Traffic Bot faster with referrers

What is the difference between this bot app and already existing bots?

The bot uses VPN to change your IP, we have implemented a feature that allows you to set a random number of uses of an IP for each url in the list.
For example, If your list of the targets:,50,120,200

Bot will generate views:

50 times to

120 times to

200 times to

And that’s not all, the bot will use IP several times to spores traffic, but will change the IP address to a random period of uses, depending on the parameters set by you.

Besides, this bot has included a function that allows changing the IP address of the VPN automatically and most importantly, awaiting new IP change successfully.


– Possibility to add a referers list.

For example:

– Import your own list of sites or pages where you want to generate traffic.

– Multithreading random, consisting of minimum and maximum.

– Automatic change of IP after each navigation (multithreading)

– Bot automatically change your IP using HMA VPN.
(HMA application is purchased separately.)


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