Teddy Summer Dress-Up (Mobile)

Teddy Summer Dress-Up Mobile

Help the teddy bear to get a nice look on the beach. Pick a nice hat, sunglass, necklace, t-shirt and shorts. There
are 60 items available, plus you can save teddy bear’s image on desktop! The game is suitable for all age kids.


  • 800×480 Responsive game screen
  • 60 Different items
  • Includes assets for easy translation and reskining
  • Includes AdMob ads
  • Includes a desktop version source code
  • Eclipse project compatible with Android Studio
  • Written in cross-platform Pascal game engine and can be ported to iOS
  • Supports older ARMv6 CPU Android 2.3 devices

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as of July 4, 2018
Last Update August 13, 2015, 6:15 am
Software Version Android 5.0, Android 4.4.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.2.x, Android 4.1.x, Android 4.0.4, Android 4.0.3, Android 4.0, Android 3.2, Android 3.1, Android 2.3