Sixthlife Search for Envato Affiliates

Sixthlife Search for Envato Affiliates helps you earn money by promoting Envato Products from (,,, VideoHive) marketplaces.

You can use this wp plugin to write Long Articles/ Blog Posts including 10 to 100++ Envato Products. No writing skills needed to blog, little or no editing and you are ready to publish your article. It takes not more than 30% time needed to actually write blog articles for marketing.

Sixthlife Search helps you search through the Envato Products retrieved from RSS feeds by Automatic Fetches(Crons) or Semi Automatic Fetches.

You can sift through the Envato Marketplace products and narrow down to include products on a specific topic. Use the searched list of Products to create a Blog Article.

How to Make Money From the Envato Affiliate Program?

If you are interested in making money from the Envato Affiliate Program, Sixthlife Search is for You. You need a WordPress Blog with a Nice WordPress theme and Sixthlife Search to get started. Get up and running and use this plugin to easily publish Articles on Envato products. The Documentation has step by step information clearly explained.

  • Ability to Write Unique Content Rich Articles/ Blog Posts for your Blog
  • Affiliate Marketers can create SEO friendly Post/ Article in less than 30 minutes.
  • It saves upto 70% of time you need to write an Article promoting Affiliate Products.
  • Quick Adjustment With your WordPress theme.
  • Automatic Fetching of Envato Products
  • Option to manually Fetch Envato Products when you need.
  • Editing the Envato Product descriptions, Previews etc you have fetched earlier.
  • Well tested system and WP Plugin

Design Blogs Publishing Similar Posts
and others..


A demo blog created with this plugin is at

Demo Blog

WP Admin
username: demo
password: demo

NOTE:Demo site resets data periodically.

How to Press Your Post?

Watch the Video at Youtube:

NOTE:Some features are disabled in the demo version.


Please find the documentation at


If you need more information or have issues please feel free to get in touch with us at

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Date:8th August 2016.

some fixes

fixed a small issue in functions.php due to which the products were not found.

Date:1st April 2016.

some fixes

Improved database queries to work better with newer versions.

Date:10th Feb 2016.

Updated Preview Fetches

Updated Preview Fetches so that bad images do not stop image fetches.

Date:4th November 2014.

RSSURL Tables Updated.

RSSURL Tables Updated so that 50+ product data can be fetched from RSS feed for each page at one goThis is an important update. If you are upgrading the plugin after you upload please deactivate and reactivate the plugin for the new changes to be applied.

Date:4th November 2014.

Improved curl calls.

Improved curl calls to be able to fetch information when Sixthlife Search is installed on various servers. also removed a deprecated functionThis is an important update.

Date:18th September 2014.

Resolved Image Preview Download Issue for SSL URL

Added a further step so that when preview images from ssl url cannot be fetched, a fetch is tried with non ssl url. Also fixed a minor sql error.

Date:10th June 2014.

Notification for Disabled configuration and Skipping Flash and audio files in previews

Added messages to be displayed in case allow_url_fopen , curl ior wp-cron is disabled. Also added curl as an option to fetch data at places where only allow_url_fopen was being used. Modified the query so that audio files , flash files are skipped while fetching previews.

Date: 26th May 2014.

Added Cron For Large amount of data fetched through various screens

When large amount of data is fetched the server is not equipped to handle this load so modified the plugin to pass additional work to wp crons. .There is option to get the notifications by email. cron schedules are 1 minutes to 5 minutes in most cases so the data fetching will still be as quick as possible..



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