Rigid – WooCommerce Theme for Enhanced Shops and Multi Vendor Marketplaces

100% Compatible with the latest WooCommerce versions and latest WC Marketplace, WC Vendors FREE/PRO and Dokan LITE/PRO versions

Welcome to Rigid – the ultimate WordPress / WooCommerce e-commerce toolkit that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.

The best choice for your next personal or client‘s e-shop or multi-vendor marketplace project. Whether you‘re a web-savvy individual or an agency/freelancer, it‘d give you the right tools to make your site better, faster and more sales-centric.

Best Multi-vendor integration for WC Marketplace and WC Vendors / WC Vendors PRO and Dokan Multi Vendor.

Rigid is the easiest way to build a multi vendor marketplace like Etsy, Amazon, E-bay etc. and allow your users to create individual stores, manage their inventories and shipping while you can earn commission on their sales.

Tested for compatibility with major plugins


  • Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Drag-and-Drop page builder
    • More than 100 content elements
    • SAVE $34
  • Premium Revolution Slider
    • SAVE $25
  • More than 100 pre-made pages
  • More than 600 Theme options and Page Options
  • Unlimited Colors and Backgrounds
  • Unlimited Header Styles
    • You can easily change the header style even on per-page basis
  • Unlimited Footer Styles
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Unlimited Widget positions
  • Collapsible Pre-Header widget area
  • Configurable Footer Widget area
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Video Backgrounds with or without sounds and playback controls, opacity control and raster control
  • REAL Content Slider
    • Slide ANY content you want
  • Unlimited menus
    • You can easily change the menu even on per-page basis
  • One-pager functionality with smooth scroll
  • WooCommerce support ON STEROIDS
    • Unlimited layouts
    • Custom shop elements
    • Limited Time Offers with Countdowns
    • Custom Product Attribure Swatches – Image, Color, Label
    • AJAX Filters
    • Dedicated Filter Widget area
    • Off-Canvas Cart, Search and Sidebar
    • AJAX Add-to-Cart on single product page
    • Custom Category pages Header Style and Header image settings
    • Custom Product slider
    • Custom Product attribute swatches – no plugins needed
    • Custom Product filters and filter widget areas
    • List, Grid and Carousel views
    • Supports all major official WooCommerce plugins
    • Custom AJAX Search with suggestions
    • Custom Price Filter
    • Custom Quick View Feature
  • Unlimited Portfolios
    • 1-6 columns Grid
    • 1-6 columns Carousels
    • List View
    • Masonry View
    • 3 predefined single project layouts
    • Custom project layouts
    • CloudZoom Gallery
    • Slideshow
    • Lightbox Image List
    • Custom content project layout
  • SEO Ready and optimized code
  • Google Rich Snippets Ready
  • Google Fonts
  • 8 Icon Font Families
  • Custom Related Post/Product/Portfolio functionality
  • Custom Next/Previous functionality for Post/Product/Portfolio
  • REAL One Click Demo Import
  • Custom Built-in Mega Menu functionality
  • Standard, Boxed and Left Header layouts
  • Page Background Slideshow
  • Page Video Background with Sound and Playback Controls

and so much more, that just can’t be listed here!


v. 4.4.2 – 23.06.2018

*IMPORTANT: Update is required for both the theme files AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin)

- Update: WooCommerce 3.4.3 compatibility update
- Update: WPBakery Page Builder updated to the latest v. 5.5.1
- Tweak: PHP 7.2.x compatibility improvements
- Tweak: Minor styling improvements
- Tweak: Owl Carousel responsive columns improvements

v. 4.4.1 – 11.06.2018

- Bug fix: Mega menu position calculated wrong for sticky header when Logo Center/Menu Bellow layout is used.

v. 4.4.0 – 07.06.2018

- Update: WooCommerce 3.4.2 compatibility update
- Fix: Edit address links in My Account on mobile devices
- Tweak: Portfolio short description can display formated HTML content

v. 4.3.1 – 01.06.2018

- Update: WooCommerce 3.4.1 compatibility update
- Update: YITH Wishlist 2.2.2 compatibility update
- Update: Revolution Slider updated to version
- Tweak: PHP 7.2 compatibility fix (However, it is strongly recommended to stick with PHP 7.0 or 7.1 as the WPBakery Page Builder is still not fully compatible with PHP 7.2)
- Tweak: Improvement to the way login forms in header and mobile menu work
- Tweak: Minor CSS fixes and improved performance

v. 4.3.0 – 24.05.2018

- Update: WordPress 4.9.6 compatibility update
- Update: WooCommerce 3.4.0 compatibility update
- Update: GDPR compliance compatibility update
- Tweak: Minor CSS fixes and adjustments

v. 4.2.3 – 08.05.2018

- Fix: AJAX filters freeze when price filter disabled
- Tweak: New icon (iDEAL payment gateway) option added in Rigid Payment Methods widget
- Tweak: Minor CSS fixes and adjustments

v. 4.2.2 – 07.05.2018

- Fix: sprintf(); warning in header when wp_debug is active
- Fix: Product category shortcode layout for 5 & 6 columns grid
- Fix: Jump to product reviews tab link in product summary
- Tweak: Non-overlay style portfolio image is now clickable
- Tweak: Improved styling compatibility for YITH Cart Notices
- Tweak: Improved styling and fixed flickering for product video in Chrome browser
- Tweak: Font-size explicitly set for product short descriptions, so it doesn't get too big if the body font size is bigger
- Tweak: Improved and more compact mobile layout for product page
- Tweak: Improved styling for account tabs in mobile menu
- Tweak: Various minor CSS and JS fixes and improvements

v. 4.2.1 – 26.04.2018

- Fix: Lost password link in header login form
- Tweak: Improved styling for delete button in off-canvas cart module

v. 4.2.0 – 26.04.2018

- New: Dedicated mobile logo option and header styling improvements for mobiles (if set a smaller logo will be displayed and one-line layout would be preserved on all devices). If mobile logo is set it will also be used for the sticky header. If no dedicated mobile logo is set, everything works as it was before the change.
- Tweak: Improved styling for all login/register switch on all login and register forms
- Fix: Form validation for login/register forms
- Fix: Login Form in header missing if it's opened in the checkout fields
- Tweak: Improved styling for checkout form fields
- Tweak: Improved styling for login form in checkout page
- Tweak: Improved styling and alignment for checkboxes in login form
- Tweak: Improved alignment in additional information product tab
- Fix: Add to Wishlist buton in product Quick View

v. 4.1.0 – 21.04.2018

- New: Entirely new account management system. Now users can register and/or login directly from the site header link (icon)
- New: All WooCommerce endpoint links (dashboard, orders, downloads, address etc.) are now automatically available for logged users in the account sub-menu from the site header link (icon)
- New: Vendor Dashboard link is automatically added in the new account menu in header
- New: Account and wishlist sections are now included in the mobile menu and hidden on the main menu for mobile devices
- Tweak: Improved styling for the mobile menu
- New: Option added in Theme Options > Shop so the free shipping option is automatically enabled when it's available and all other shipping options are hidden. Read the note and use with caution!
- Fix: Class added for previous page link in pagination, so it's easier to be styled with CSS.

v. 4.0.2 – 12.04.2018

- Update: WooCommerce 3.3.5 compatibility update
- Tweak: Demo images are no more served from althemist.com (now all demo images are loaded from wordpress.com CDN to improve performance and eliminate some hosting companies blocking requests to unknown external resources)

v. 4.0.1 – 10.04.2018 – Bug fix release

- Bug Fix: Javascript errors on native Safari browser (Mac, iPad, iPhone) (thanks to @David Savill)
- Tweak: Product form stars re-arranged, so the 5-stars option comes first

v. 4.0.0 – 06.04.2018

<strong>*IMPORTANT: This is a major update with a lot of new features. Update is required for both theme files AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin)</strong>

- New: Theme Options Export functionality
- New: Theme Options Import functionality
- New: Theme License verification
- New: Google Fonts now available for body font
- New: Better styling and custom lightbox feature added for the native WordPress Gallery shortcode (thanks to zoro2288)
- New: New Style added (text + icon) for the filters widget area
- New: Improved performance. Theme generated image sizes decreased from 12 to 5
- New: WP ALL Import compatibility function to disable _wp_page_template meta (thanks to zoro2288)
- New: Custom styling for select elements when nice-select can't be used.
- New: Automatic excerpts (50 words) for the blog posts
- New: Filters now work on Search page (when search only in products option is enabled)
- New: Reset Filters button is now AJAX-ified too
- New: AJAX add to cart in quick view
- Tweak: Improved filter engine for products
- Tweak: Improved Theme Options panel
- Tweak: Fix for price filter AJAX update
- Tweak: Improved products grid clearing
- Tweak: Improved styling for WCMp vendors list filter select elements
- Tweak: Product categories grid name position to prevent broken layouts on narrow screens
- Tweak: WCMp vendors list grid name position to prevent broken layouts on narrow screens
- Tweak: Introduced pagination range, so not all pagination links are visible on stores and blogs with many pages
- Fix: AJAX add to cart on variable products when no default variation set
- Fix: Hide quantity field for individually sold products
- Fix: Z-index issue on product buttons when "shadow on hover" is disabled" 
- Fix: Mobile layout for portfolio image grid layout
- Fix: Z-index issue with 3-rd level sub-menus in mega menu
- Update: Revolution Slider updated to the latest version
- Update: Updated theme documentation

v. 3.2.0 – 14.03.2018

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both theme files AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin)

- New: Optional initial state for the filters widget area - Opened/Closed
- New: Reset Active filters button added in the filters widget area
- Tweak: Improved visibility for selected filter type label
- New: Header and title control options added for product tag archives, so the shop owner can match the category page styling
- Fix: Quick View gallery image size
- Fix: Mobile view for Standard Gallery Grid portfolio type
- Tweak: Improved active filters ajax update
- Tweak: Native WooCommerce select type filters stylед to reflect the theme styles
- Tweak: Re-introduced automatic search filed focus (except for iOS devices, because of OS-specific limitations)
- Update: WPBakery Page Builder updated to the latest v. 5.4.7

v. 3.1.2 – 06.03.2018

- Fix: Fixed My Account Login and Register panels layout for mobiles
- Fix: Mobile layouts for address table in My Account
- Fix: Bottom margin added to pagination links for better styling when there are many pages

v. 3.1.1 – 27.02.2018

- Fix: Vendor rating starts cut-off on some browsers
- Fix: Product raview form buttons on mobile
- Fix: Report abuse form z-indez issue for WC Marketplace

v. 3.1.0 – 23.02.2018

- Tweak: Improvements to the mobile display:
    - New option to set mobile menu background color
    - New option to set mobile menu links color
    - New option to set mobile menu button position in header instead of right-thumb position
    - Improved product tabs size on mobiles
    - Improved visibility of search field for mobiles and webkit browsers
- Update: WooCommerce 3.3.3 compatibility update
- Update: WC Marketplace 3.0.1 compatibility update
- New: Wishlist counter in header now updates with AJAX (no page refresh needed)
- New: WooCommerce account page layout now can be set to 2 columns without carousel (both Login & Register forms visible simultaneously)
- New: Blog posts auto-generated excerpts feature - 55 words limit instead of full post
- Tweak: New style for "Read more" link in blog archives (both auto-generated excerpts and "the more" tag cases)

v. 3.0.2 – 11.02.2018

- Bug Fix: Fixed additional product images display on mobiles for WC 3.3.1
- Fix: Search form display on iOS devices

v. 3.0.1 – 09.02.2018

- Fix: Fixed a bug in product category display on shop and categories pages
- Fix: Improved compatibility with newer versions of WPML

v. 3.0.0 – 08.02.2018

- New: Improved WC Vendors single vendor store header styling
- New: Custom vendors list shortcode content element added for WC Vendors directly in WPBakery Page Builder
- New: A dedicated vendor store sidebar option added for WC Marketplace and WC Vendors/WC Vendors PRO
- New: Options to disable gallery Zoom and Lightbox features on single product page
- New: Option to disable products and banners reveal animation
- New: Option to add second button in single portfolio details (suitable for digital products where you need to link two pages - e.g. View Demo & Buy Now)
- Update: WooCommerce 3.3.1 compatibility update
- Update: Revolution Slider updated to the latest v. 5.4.7
- Tweak: Improved resource loading and reduced image sizes for some raster design elements
- Fix: Product gallery conflict with WooCommerce Product Addons plugin
- Fix: Better responsive layout for vendor list shortcodes (both WC Marketplace and WC Vendors) 

v. 2.4.0 – 26.01.2018

- Tweak: Improved styles for Dokan dashboard Edit Product screen
- Fix: WC Vendors - Vendor Store name and link in product Quick View
- Fix: Product search widget alignment when placed in sidebar
- Fix: Filters button & Price Range Slider in Refine Products area for mobiles
- New: Global Product Popup option added in Theme Options > Shop. Suitable for size guides or any additional global product information displayed in lightbox

v. 2.3.0 – 17.01.2018

- Tweak: Improved styles for Dokan dashboard
- Fix: Quickview layout on mobiles
- Fix: Plus/Minus buttons in product quickview

v. 2.2.0 – 05.01.2018

- Tweak: Vendor Store description is now responsive
- Tweak: "Clear selection" on variable products moved to avoid conflict with default drop-down options
- Fix: Zoom emoji icon on product gallery in latest Firefox
- Fix: Checkbox alignment in Vendor registration form
- Fix: Header and Sticky header alignment issues on some mobiles (mostly iOS)

v. 2.1.1 – 11.12.2017

- Fix: Page "unload" effect removed for better compatibility with Safari browser back-forward cache
- Tweak: Improved interface for header and footer background settings in Theme Options
- Tweak: Improvement for responsive header styles when header top bar is enabled
- Tweak: Various minor CSS fixes and tweaks for new plugins and versions

v. 2.1 – 06.12.2017

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both theme files AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin)

- Fix: Translation in contact form validation messages
- Fix: Color pickers in Fonts tab of Theme Options
- Tweak: Improvement for responsive table styles in My Account > Orders
- Tweak: Animated link icon/button added for Non-overlay portfolio style

v. 2.0 – 30.11.2017

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both theme files AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin)

- Update: Revolution Slider updated to the latest v.
- Update: Main demo import all new homepage styles added
- New: New demo and new import added (Rigid Running Shoes shop)
- New: Mozaic Blog style
- New: New style added for latest posts shortcode with visible image
- Fixed: Ajax product search shows hidden products
- Fix: Translation fix - "Product" word from js call when adding product with Ajax enabled in single product page
- New: Improved styling of some elements in Theme Options

v. 1.7.1 – 27.11.2017

- Fix: Conflict between the theme custom select styles and default woocommerce product filters slect when used in Filters Widget area on shop page

v. 1.7 – 25.11.2017

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both theme files AND the theme plugin AND WPBakery Page Builder (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin and WPBakery plugin)

- Update: WPBakery Page Builder updated to the latest v. 5.4.5
- Update: WooCommerce 3.2.5 compatibility changes
- Tweak: New option added to enable/disable page title fade effect on scrol
- Tweak: New option added to chose text or icon style for add to cart button on product listings
- Tweak: Minor CSS and JS improvements
- Fix: Child theme error

v. 1.6 – 21.11.2017

- Update: WPBakery Page Builder updated to the latest v. 5.4.4
- Update: Revolution Slider updated to the latest v.
- Tweak: Replaced all theme color pickers with the native WordPress color picker
- Tweak: Minor CSS and JS improvements

v. 1.5 – 16.11.2017

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both theme files AND the theme plugin AND WPBakery Page Builder (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin and WPBakery plugin)

- New: Recently Viewed Products content element added in WPBakery Page Builder
- Update: WPBakery Page Builder updated to the latest v. 5.4.3
- Update: WP v. 4.9 compatibility
- Fix: Minor CSS and JS improvements

v. 1.4 – 09.11.2017

*NOTE: Update required for both theme files AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Rigid Plugin)

- New: Improved WC Maketplace Vendors list - now also available as configurable WPBakery Page builder element
- New: Dokan Multi-vendor styles added. Now fully compatible with Dokan Free. 
- Fix: Logo max height on centered menu layout
- Fix: Menu accent line style position on Left Header layout

v. 1.3 – 05.11.2017

- Fix: Theme Options Tabs and alignment in RTL mode
- New: Maketplace demo import

v. 1.2 – 04.11.2017

- Fix: Google fonts list
- Update: WooCommerce 3.2.3 compatibility fix
- Improvement: WC Marketplace shortcodes and widgets responsive styling

v. 1.1 – 02.11.2017

- Tweak: Improved Google fonts loading logic. Now with all 700+ google fonts
- Update: WooCommerce 3.2.2 compatibility fix
- New: Theme Options link added in admin bar
- Tweak: Improvements to WC Marketplace shotcodes styling

v. 1.0 – 23.10.2017

Initial Release


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as of July 4, 2018
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Last Update June 23, 2018, 8:27 am
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible With WPML, WooCommerce 3.3.x, WooCommerce 3.2.x, WooCommerce 3.1.x, WooCommerce 3.0.x, bbPress 2.5.x, bbPress 2.4.x, Gravity Forms, Gutenberg, Events Calendar Pro, Events Calendar, Visual Composer 5.1.x, Bootstrap 4.x, Bootstrap 3.x
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