jQuery Social Media Tabs

Includes 16 social networks with 69 feed options

Combine all of your favorite social networks profiles & feeds into slick slide out or static tabs.

Each social network tab loaded using AJAX only when required making the plugin very fast loading!

Includes Facebook, Twitter, Google + & LinkedIn share links to make you social network feeds more interactive, help promote your social network posts and boost your traffic!

Please note that the Twitter & Facebook APIs now requires PHP for authentication. PHP files and full documentation are included in the plugin files.

For our WordPress version see – Social Network Tabs For WordPress.

Social Networks

  • Twitter (API v1.1) – Latest Tweets – Either Profile or Twitter Lists or Twitter Search Plus Display Twitter Images
  • Facebook – Page Wall Posts
  • Facebook – Like Box/Stream
  • Facebook – Recommendations
  • Google +1 – +1 Profile Feed + Google +1 page widget
  • LinkedIn – Company Profile, Member Profile, Company Insider & Jobs Plugins
  • Instagram – User feed
  • RSS Feed – Latest Posts
  • Delicious – Latest Likes
  • Stumbleupon – Favorites or Reviews
  • Pinterest – Latest Pins or Latest Pins From Specific Boards
  • Youtube – Latest Uploads or Favorites
  • Vimeo – Latest Likes, Recent Videos, Videos Appeared In, All User Videos, Albums, Channels or user Groups.
  • Flickr – Latest Uploads or Group Feeds
  • Dribbble – Latest shots & latest likes
  • last.fm – Loved Tracks, Recent Tracks or Reply Tracker
  • Deviantart – Latest posts
  • Tumblr – Latest Posts (photo, video, regular, quote, audio, conversation & links)

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  • Fast loading – tabs loaded via AJAX only when required
  • Display either using slide out tabs or static tabs in your page content.
  • Fully flexible positioning.
  • Position sliding tabs relative to browser window or within the page content.
  • Posts include twitter and facebook share links
  • Retweet, reply & favorite links for Twitter posts
  • Includes option for auto or manual ticker style rotating content for each social network feed.
  • Option to load open for slide out tabs.
  • Control order of tabs & select default tab on page load.
  • Show/hide slide out tabs or change active social network tab using external links.
  • Very easy to use – just add a single div tag to your web page & initialize the plugin!
  • Option to disable twitter replies & retweets
  • Option to show Instagram comments and/or liked user’s avatars.
  • Option to show complete post or snippet for facebook & RSS.
  • Option to include twitter avatar on latest tweets
  • Full documentation.
  • Multiple examples including configurable demo.
  • PSDs included for default icons & control images.
  • Tested up to jQuery 1.8.1

Social Media Tabs Demos



  • Facebook – Like Box & Recommendations widgets


1.7.4 – 2/06/2016 (Current Version)

  • Updated: Dribbble API
  • Updated: Instagram API
  • Updated: Facebook images for links

1.7.3 – 26/06/2015

  • Updated: Facebook graph API v2.3

v1.7.2 – 11/05/2015

  • Updated: Youtube API V3

v1.7.1 – 02/08/2013

  • Updated: Tumblr follow link & link text
  • Updated: Remove $.browser function for jQuery 1.9+ support

v1.7 – 23/02/2013

  • Added: Google + share link
  • Added: LinkedIn share link
  • Updated: Twitter API v 1.1
  • Updated: remove : characters from Tumblr links
  • Updated: nicetime function to ease translation

v1.6.1 – 16/12/2012

  • Added: Share feed items via facebook
  • Added: Share feed items via twitter
  • Added: Retweet link on twitter posts
  • Added: Reply link on twitter posts
  • Added: Favorite link on twitter posts
  • Added: Show feed from pinterest boards
  • Added: Option to show twitter images
  • Added: Show feed from flickr groups

v1.6 – 6/09/2012

  • Added: Instagram network
  • Added: Option to change twitter retweets & replies
  • Added: Twitter feed option – get tweets based on search
  • Updated: Change Vimeo time to secs
  • Updated: Facebook text links

v1.5 – 17/06/2012

  • Added: LinkedIn network tab showing LinkedIn profile plugins
  • Added: Options for setting open/closed z-index values
  • Added: hashtag and username links in tweet text

v1.4 26/05/2012

  • Added: Tumblr social network
  • Added: Deviantart social network
  • Added: Twitter feed option – get tweets from list
  • Added: Twitter option – add profile avatar image
  • Updated: Facebook follow button URL
  • Updated: Facebook feed output – option to show complete post text + images
  • Updated: RSS feed output -option to show complete post text + images
  • Updated: Feed URL for last.fm loved tracks
  • Fixed: Pinterest image link


  • Added: Stumbleupon social network + 2 feed options
  • Added: Facebook wall posts feed
  • Fixed: Vimeo user link


  • Added: Vimeo social network + 7 feeds


  • Added: Google plus pages header widget
  • Fixed: Icon file option


  • First Release!


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