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Freelancer Office is a simple and convenient web based project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, invoicing, tasks tracking and monitoring your work.

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The details below can be used to login to the demo:
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To login as Admin:

Username: admin
Password: admin

To login as Staff:

Username: gitbench
Password: gitbench

To login as Client:

Username: client
Password: client

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Project Updates

Version 2.0 – Upcoming

- Fixed many bugs
- Added deals with Kanban View + Pipelines
- Added Knowledgebase
- Added Contracts
- Added e-signs for contracts
- Added option to convert contract to Project once signed
- Added Invoice partial payments 
- Added extra payment gateways
- Improved reporting features
- Added email integration/sync to deals
- Added auto reminders for tasks overdue
- Added custom fields to Clients
- Added Credit Notes
- Added recurring expenses
- Added taxes to estimates
- Added invoice amounts in words
- Added invoice, deals commenting/notes
- Added option to create events & receive alerts
- Added RTL
- Added notifications alerts on dashboard
- Improved performance on invoices display table
- Added project invoicing
- Added S3, Dropbox, FTP uploading options
- Added export CSV for Deals, Estimates, Invoices, Credit Notes
- Added import Deals, Invoices, Estimates
- Added email templates for different languages
- Added Invoice Payments without logging in
- Added Telegram API Payments
- Added user files 
- Upgraded to latest Codeigniter

Version 1.9.1 – January 30, 2018

- Fix a security issue affecting web installer

Version 1.8.7 – September 02, 2016

- Added option to enable/disable auto update exchange rates 
- Added option to change chart color 
- Added option to add custom events to calendar 
- Added TAX 2 to Invoice/Estimates 
- Fixed email template company logo size 
- Fixed Online payments date formats 
- Added file uploads to Clients section 
- Fixed blank screen during install on some servers
- Fixed other known bugs

Version 1.8.5 – August 04, 2016

- Fixed: Overlaping timers
- Fixed: Notes issue
- Added: Project Default Settings
- Updated to codeigniter 3.1.0
- Fixed: 500 Error in translation backups
- Added: Display Email Template tags
- Fixed: Project and Task comment notifications

Version 1.8.4 – July 06, 2016

- Fixed: Installer blank page
- Fixed: CRON email piping run independently
- Fixed: Disabled menu still accessible
- Fixed: Database count error messages in decimal separators
- Added: Run multiple timers in projects and tasks
- Added: Reports for Invoices, Expenses and Payments
- Added: Edit timer logs in tasks lists
- Added: Show all reports in default currency
- Added: Google reCaptcha in Login and Register

Version 1.8.2 – June 06, 2016

- Fixed decimal problem in total tax rate
- Fixed menu hiding in staff and clients
- Added expenses, projects and invoices to dashboard charts
- Added manual addition of time in timesheets
- Added download receipts for payments
- Fixed deleting clients issue
- Fixed delete backup files
- Fixed blur login

Version 1.8.1 – May 29, 2016

- Fixed issue on tax_rate column
- Fixed issue on file_size upload on project files
- Fixed column count error on task files
- Added option to disable blur on login page
- Fixed task order by date created on dashboard
- Fixed invoice decimal payments issue
- Fixed staff and client menu toggle visibility

Version 1.8 – May 22, 2016

- Updated to latest Codeigniter 3.0.6
- Updated PHPMailer and other JS files
- Added Notes
- Added auto close inactive tickets
- Added general expenses
- Added Task Comments
- Fixed Ticket email piping
- Added convert estimate to projects when accepted
- Added stop timer when logout
- Updated all payment gateways
- Added tasks start date to Gantt chart
- Added Project Checklist
- Added extra fee to invoices
- Added hide expenses from client
- Added language options in login page
- Added braintree payments
- Fixed backup error
- Fixed ticket sorting
- Added invoice filters
- Fixed uploading avatars
- Fixed many known issues

Version 1.7.5 – January 22, 2016

- Added Gantt charts
- Added projects expenses
- Fixed stripe payment error
- Added PHPMailer
- Add your currency
- Expenses categories
- Project budget calculation
- Added client expenses in profile page
- Added invoice filtering
- Added ticket filtering
- Added hide sidebar icon
- Added auto close old tickets
- Added slack integrations
- Added billable/unbillable hours
- Added complete task checkbox
- Added upload multiple files in tickets
- Added daily currency rates converter
- Added company logo to email templates
- Added email notifications when payments received
- Added theme color (sidebar, title bar)
- Added Tax rates
- Added Ban User
- Added client auto login to view invoice/estimate
- Added ticket replies via email
- Added attach receipts to invoice payments
- Added attach receipts to expenses
- Added email signature to email templates
- Added failed outgoing emails logs (for resending)
- Added project/task timer description
- Added project progress auto calculate
- Added Invoice project expenses
- Added staff multiple departments selection
- Added recurring invoice log history
- Added invoice history page
- Added invoice payments page
- Archive tickets
- Register button still shows when registration turned off
- Security issue on backup folder
- Updated bitcoin payment gateway
- PDF Invoices  character next to the £ sign
- Estimate footer spacing
- Hide VAT when empty in PDF
- Project Updated Email has "Project Assigned" Subject
- Wrong text in estimate PDF
- Problem with add new contact from Clients
- Remove Payment Options after invoice is fully paid
- No Zip Code in french
- Invoice/Estimate Logo Not Showing
- Updated recurring invoices module
- Activity counter does not clear after viewing
- Adding project task displays milestones from all projects
- Disable items creating after invoice is completely paid
- Dashboard tickets counts closed tickets
- Added swap company info and billing info in estimates/invoices
- Added WYSIWYG in messages
- Added Zipcode and state in Company Profile

Version 1.7.4 – 16-07-2015

- Feature: Currency symbol position and decimal settings for currency/quantity/tax (Settings > System) 
- Feature: Estimate and invoice footer in PDF(Settings>Invoices/Estimates)
- Update: Added Croatian and Serbian language
- Fix: Customer online registration causing PHP errors when client is not assigned to a company
- Fix: Multicurrency amounts are converted to the default currency for home charts / currencies are auto-updated daily
- Fix: Duplicate labels in invoice list                                                                                                                                                                                          
- Fix: Followlocation error when safe_mode or open_basedir are enabled
- Fix: Translations showing wrong completed percentage and auth_tank strings
- Update: Added mobile phone and fax to main company
- Update: New design in client details page
- Fix: Issue with the zip code in invoices
- Fix: Stripe payments API
- Fix: Can't assign ticket to admins
- Fix: Logo and company name display options for login
- Fix: Calendar popup for projects doesn't work for staff/clients
- Fix: Invoicr euro symbol for php < 5.5
- Fix: Adding new contact created a company instead of adding it to the existing one
- Fix: Estimate discount code

Version 1.7.2 – 07-07-2015

- Added: Tooltips for main calendar
- Added: Romanian currency
- Added: Slovenian language
- Added: font source sans pro
- Added: Added custom login background
- Added: Added option to hide FO branding
- Added: Moved new client and update client to modal windows with tabs and extra info
- Added: Updater allows user to  opt in for beta updates
- Update: Made invoice logo adjustable in size affecting both screen and pdf
- Update: Consistent and richer modals for both calendars
- Update: Changed login css
- Update: Small aesthetic changes in projects and a new label in invoices
- Update: Added summernote in project notes and tickets
- Fix: Better check for php version in order to use utf8
- Fix: Translated invoicr badges and increased font size
- Fix: VAT column showing even when show_tax was FALSE & exceeded page boundaries
- Fix: Moved style.css content to custom.css so that it will not overwrite client custom css (starting in the next update)
- Fix: Corrected avatar and menu width in mobile
- Fix: Estimate pdf from option menu uses only invoicr
- Fix: Error in estimates can?t use method return value in write context
- Fix: Invoice starting number
- Fix: Tax was visible when hide tax was enabled
- Fix: Invoice/estimates draggable through a handle and not through the whole row
- Fix: Edit user field company shows Current and not the selected company
- Fix: Badge option not working with mPDF
- Fix: Link in invoice list always used invoicr
- Fix: Removed second language from invoice & estimate
- Fix: Translated remaining placeholders
- Fix: Fixed recurring Invoice issue
- Fix: Settings error missing variable
- Fix: Gravatar insecure (forced ssl)
- Fix: Replaced all progress fields with the noUiSlider
- Fix: Blank settings page because of usort error in timezone sorting
- Fix: Default language and locale after initial installation
- Fix: Fixed array in test api response format
- Fix: Set project as done when progress is set to 100%
- Fix: Removed pretty photo to avoid vulnerability issues
- Fix: Added currency symbol to all amounts in invoices/estimates
- Fix: Removed remote checks from updates page for faster loading
- Fix: Recurring Invoice issue
- Fix: Invoice item delete 404 error
- Fix: Task editable by client through milestone
- Fix: Username color change for update notification only visible to admin
- Fix: Inheritance of language and locale to new users
- Fix: Display default language in dashboard chart
- Fix: Error in saving items because of extra field item_name_auto
- Fix: Dashboard avatars for unassigned tasks
- Fix: Calendar JS error when description contains single quote
- Fix: Main calendar showing all tasks on the project due date
- Fix: Typeahead script error
- Fix: Company update redirect error
- Fix: Login page not in default language
- Fix: Translated invoice status for staff and payment status for admins
- Fix: Insert item popup in estimates doesn't appear
- Fix: Line breaks in update description
- Fix: mPDF hide item tax in invoices and estimates
- Fix: Changed all external links protocol to https
- Fix: Added currency symbol to all amounts in invoice
- Fix: Removed remote checks from updates page for faster loading
- Fix: Reversed previous changes in invoice status
- Fix: Reversed previous change in quantity number format
- Fix: Typeahead items 404 when there is no edit field
- Fix: Unassigned bug error
- Fix: Limit dashboard activities to 10
- Fix: dataTables empty translation
- Fix: Dashboard projects table row height issue
- Fix: Mobile menu hidden under elements
- Fix: Dashboard projects table row height issue
- Fix: User menu background in mobile view

Version 1.7.1 – 30-06-2015

- Added: Complete new updater (including database sync tool)
- Added: Global calendar with Google calendar integration
- Added: New alternative PDF Generation engine mPDF (should fix most invoice issues)
- Added: Polish translation
- Fixed: Russian translation
- Fixed: Duplicate entry "envato_username" for key "PRIMARY" issue
- Fixed: Currency issue when paying via Paypal
- Fixed: Blank admin page after update
- Fixed: Purchase code does not save in settings
- Fixed: Unknown name table format 38913 when downloading a PDF
- Fixed: Invoices don?t send via email. Likely related to the PDF problem
- Fixed: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' error on PHP 5.3
- Fixed: Translator is broken
- Fixed: Bad Gateway error 502
- Fixed: Activities does not clear after viewing
- Fixed: First contact marked as primary contact
- Fixed: Staff permissions issue
- Fixed: Links error when adding a second link
- Fixed: Collaborator messages error

Version 1.7 – 06/06/2015

- Added: Greek translation
- Added: Russian translation
- Added: A new translator, which allows users to easily translate the script
- Added: 2checkout payment gateway
- Added: Support for multiple currencies and currency per client
- Added: Timer indicators on top bar (navbar)
- Added: Timezone in settings
- Added: Multiple line support in item descriptions
- Added: Draggable/sortable invoice and estimate items
- Added: Link management in the project (add links to every project)
- Added: Link checker
- Added: Activities can now be translated
- Added: More mime types (e.g Open/LibreOffice and CorelDraw)
- Added: System font setting
- Added: Tasks displays when you invoice projects
- Added: Archive for projects and tickets
- Added: Create tasks while viewing milestone
- Updated: Installation Process (completely rewritten)
- Updated: Postmark library
- Updated: Language control is now on the user level (system setting serves only as default for new users)
- Updated: Project files section redesign
- Updated: Login background image
- Fixed: Many style issues
- Fixed: Dateformat is now a dropdown
- Fixed: Estimates options column on the wrong side
- Fixed: Comma at the end of "assigned user" in project overview
- Fixed: Removed scrollsbard on auto-resizing
- Fixed: Autologin causing redirection loop
- Fixed: Database backup (for mysali)
- Fixed: PayPal IPN
- Fixed: Some missing translation strings
- Fixed: Favicon support for .png
- Fixed: Settings bug, where alert settings are overridden by general e-mail settings
- Fixed: Many invoice/estimates bugs
- Fixed: Invoice bug if more than 10 invoices are created
- Fixed: Logo size on invoice overview page
- Fixed: Cookie Setting which leads to a "Too many redirects" issue
- Fixed: Updater not working on server with allow_url_fopen = false
? Fixed: Adding project task displays milestones from all projects
? Fixed: Estimates notes field needs to be changed to TEXT
? Fixed: Project history no task title
? Fixed: Staff permission (View_all_projects appears twice)
- Fixed: Unicode character support in pdf files
- Fixed: Edit template while sending invoices/estimates
- Fixed: Date sorting in dataTables
- Fixed: Date i18n and the inconsistencies in the formatting
- Fixed: Errors in uploads because of mime type mismatch

Version 1.6.2

- Fixed: Required field error is not translatable
- Fixed: Invoice unicode and html issue
- Fixed: Unknown column 'allow_stripe' in 'field list' database issue
- Fixed: Unknown column 'account_username' in 'field list' database issue
- Fixed: Milestone shows overdue even after its completed
- Fixed: PDF Invoices Display Error When Tax Hidden
- Fixed: Company VAT not saving under settings
- Fixed: Cron not functioning
- Fixed: Clicking home does not go to the main dashboard
- Fixed: Problem in creating project by client
- Fixed: Notify Email on task / project assignment are send empty for team members
- Fixed: No tasks are shown on client login for projects
- Added: Bug comment is now below bug description
- Added: Datepicker field for all date fields
- Fixed: File upload causing error
- Fixed: Milestone showing even if no milestone is selected
- Fixed: Keep file name when dowloading this file
- Fixed: Wrong calculation of estimate discount
- Fixed: Unicode issue in PDF output
- Fixed: http:// missing for company URL
- Fixed: New added team members can not see project they are assigned to
- Fixed: New added users do not have default avatar
- Fixed: Emails not sending through postmark
- Fixed: Users details not editable, when not changing surname
- Fixed: Estimates still marked as overdue after accepted
- Fixed: Spelling error on sign up form
- Fixed: Siteicon is not the same as on login page
- Fixed: Alert email items not showing for some user
- Fixed: Error adding time to project
- Fixed: High of bug list dropdown
- Fixed: Email not send to staff, when a new ticket is created
- Fixed: Admin could only create 10 invoices
- Fixed: Gravatar was not used on bug details page
- Fixed: Payment options only showed on edit page
- Added: Individual tax per item
- Added: Icon instead of logo at the navbar
- Added: Custom site name (instead of company name)
- Added: Disable/enable language switch
- Added: Bitcoin support
- Added: Inline CSS support in emails
- Added: Activate user account on sight
- Added: Gravatar support
- Added: Invoice/Estimates notice as WYSIWYG
- Added: Ability to change invoice visibility to client
- Added: Check for install/update folder (warn user to delete)
- Added: Estimates settings tab
- Updated: Fontawesome to 4.3.0
- Fixed: Task not appearing on item list invoice
- Fixed: Date picker for every date field
- Fixed: Project needs assigned stuff
- Fixed: Season timeout disabled menu access
- Fixed: Payment not working for some user
- Fixed: Some emails were not sent
- Fixed: Item lookup lists only 20 items
- Fixed: Ability to choose milestone on creating task from template
- Fixed: Captcha bug on registration
- Fixed: Project due date optional
- Fixed: Invoice translatable
- Fixed: Progress cycle alignment
- Fixed: Uniformed all public pages (e.g registration page)
- Fixed: Login page fields placeholder
- Fixed: Wrong language flags
- Fixed: Timesheet view switch enhanced
- Fixed: Many form field fixes
- Fixed: Many many new strings are not translatable
- Fixed: All languages have the same strings now
- Fixed: Client registration can be turned on/off

Version 1.6 – 2015-01-09

- Added ticket system
- Added recurring invoices
- Added email template settings
- Added custom fields in ticket system
- Added staff permissions
- Added project settings
- Added project Team Members
- Added project milestones
- Added project files preview
- Added time tracking for team members
- Added project calendar
- Added STRIPE Payments
- Fixed - Missing translation files

Version 1.5.7 – 2014-10-29

- Added additional clients details
- Fixed - Invoices not sending emails
- Fixed - Client bugs not showing projects
- Fixed - Projects not showing in collaborator after installing updates
- Fixed - Projects not showing in clients after installing updates
- Fixed - Missing translation files
- Fixed - Clients/ Collaborator dashboards links
- Fixed - Other Known bugs

Version 1.5.6 – 2014-10-20

- Added Companies as Clients
- Added RAR file support
- Added UTF-8 Database
- Added assign projects to multiple users
- Added assign tasks to multiple users
- Fixed - Missing translation files
- Fixed - Other Known bugs

Version 1.5 – 2014-10-05

- Added Norwegian Language
- Added Username change
- Fixed - Invoice/Estimates PDF error in Safari on Mac OS
- Fixed - Added Updates System
- Fixed - Missing translation files
- Fixed - Other Known bugs

Version 1.4 – 2014-09-23

- Added Portuguese Language
- Added Client Address to Invoice
- Added Notes on projects for storing FTP and Host Details
- Added Project Cost Calculator
- Added Project Tasks Templates 
- Added Send Estimates to unregistred clients
- Clients contacting other clients - fixed
- Generate Own Invoice Number - fixed
- WYSIWYG Default terms sections in Invoices- fixed
- Password Allow Special Characters - Fixed
- Phone number in profile - Fixed
- VAT Number in profile and Invoices - Fixed
- On Invoices added Tax Percentage - fixed
- Wrong Client assigned after editing Project - fixed
- Collaborator account not showing assigned tasks - fixed

Version 1.2 – 2014-09-16

- Added French Language
- Added License file 
- Fixed known bugs 

Version 1.1 – 2014-09-10

- Added MySQL Database Backups
- Fixed - App_Lang hooks
- Added PayPal URLs to Database
- Fixed - Bug Division by Zero in Invoice Graphs 

Version 1.0.0 – 2014-09-09

- Initial Release


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