Bear Content Monitor


Content Monitor tool allows you to monitor changes on sites in provided URL list and configure monitoring rules (triggers). You can setup the tool to monitor the changes on the auto markets’ sites (monitoring prices on interesting cars), tickets’ sales (monitoring for discounts), different flea markets, stocks changes. The tool will work and inform you about the changes through the notifying messages in tray. Configuring new monitoring scenario is very easy and takes less than few minutes – you just choose trigger values by selecting them in embedded browser and setup how often to check the data.

Some samples of possible tool usage

  • Cars ads monitoring
  • Tracking stock prices
  • Finding jobs by criteria

Found bug? Have idea or suggestion about what to add into application?

Please write some ticket with appropriate label in the project repository here and describe as many details as you can what you want to changeadd or what issue you have concerning the application

Need support?

If you need support please contact me by sending message through the form in the right corner on page here or via email [email protected]

Customisation and extension of applications

You can order application customisation from me. All the work is fulfilled through upwork (my upwork profile link here) or by direct conclusion of an agreement with me as individual entrepreneur. The price and time interval are going to be discussed individually according to my current hourly rate.

Change log

release v1.1 10.01.2016

Minor UI changes
Fixed bug: Incorrect using 'User-Agent' in external browser process
Improve browser process (screenshot population)
Fixed loadsave setting issue
Added socks proxy support functionality

release v1.0 12.10.2015


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Last Update January 10, 2016, 8:18 am
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Compatible OS Versions Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 8 Metro, Windows 10
Application Runtime Native