AI.T – Artificial Intelligence Titles

How much of your time is wasted building title animations in after effects?

If you can no longer spend hours and hours adjusting keyframe by keyframe, and redoing almost everything every time a customer requests a change.
AI.T is the solution you’ve always wanted.

Time is the most precious gift of being alive.
Stop wasting it.

Let Artificial Intelligence Titles do all the boring tasks for you.
Our sophisticated algorithm can do amazing things to save your time.

Just enter the text you want, and the entire layout will adjust automatically.
Create awesome boxes, choose colors and special effects, change size, position, duration, speed and customize the style and direction of text animation.

You can do all this without touching a single keyframe.

Keep full control even after applying your title overlapping another footage.

Squares and Circles.

Design Bars

One Text Field

Two Text Fields

Three Text Field

Social Media


 20 June 2018  -  First Release - Version 1.186

 21 June 2018  -  Minor Bug Fix - Version 1.186
 22 June 2018  -  Minor Bug Fix - Version 1.186
 02 July 2018  -  Minor Bug Fix - Version 1.186
- Improved readability of some interface texts.
- System Color picker now loads the default color of the item to be modified.

Technical Requirement

 Windows or Mac - After Effects version CC2014.2 and above 
  • Music and Voice Over Talent are not included.



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